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Our Benefits Specialists will search your past 10-years tax returns and utilize their special training and advanced software to uncover all available benefits, grants, positive tax law changes, errors and unclaimed credits that apply to you.

Is there a fee for our service?
Absolutely. We are a business that requires tax professionals, customer support specialists, programmers and much more to effectively maximize the refund owed you. After you receive your refund, we charge 33% of the amount received. This is money that you would never have uncovered.

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We made the process of claiming your tax refund extremely simple. If you still have a few questions please review our frequently asked questions.

Family Tax Recovery was created to ensure that Canadian taxpayers maximize the CRA benefits available to them. Our dedicated tax benefit specialists and our proprietary Refund Tax Engine software enables us to quickly and methodically review your prior 10-years tax returns to uncover any unused benefits that are available for you to utilize.

We are proud to have won the Globe and Mail Canada's top growing companies award three years in a row. Also, take some time to review the video testimonials on this page to hear what our clients have to say.

The majority of our clients have unclaimed benefits available to them. Typically refunds are larger for married couples with kids who have been working and filing their tax returns for the last 10 years
Most of our tax reviews result in a refund from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars.
Once you are a client we will continue to search for new refund opportunities each new tax year. Many of our clients have received multiple refunds after receiving their first refund.
Yes, you are still eligible for a refund.The good part is the refund will reduce your debt with the CRA. In these cases, we require an admin fee upfront since the refund will reduce your debt with the CRA vs coming directly to you.

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