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Take advantage and find out if you are part of the large percentage of Canadians that have unclaimed benefits owed them.

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  2. In the previous 10 years were you ever considered a single parent and a primary caregiver for a child under 19 years old?
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  3. Did you Buy/Sell a home in the last 10 years?
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What to Expect

Our Benefits Specialists will search your past 10-years tax returns and utilize their special training and advanced software to uncover all available benefits, grants, positive tax law changes, errors and unclaimed credits that apply to you.

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We made the process of claiming your tax refund extremely simple. If you still have a few questions please review our frequently asked questions.

Yes, we are real and the hundreds of people just like you that we've helped are real also! Please see are reviews and our recent awards. We take pride in having an A+ rating and over 100 Positive Testimonials registered with the BBB. We are grateful and pleased to announce Family Tax Recovery Services made the 2019 Globe and Mail list of Canada's Top Growing Companies and also made the 2019 Canada Business Magazine Top 50 Startups List with a ranking of 32.
GREAT question! Three out of every five people are entitled to a refund and don't know about it. This could be you!
Most of our tax reviews result in a refund from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars.
In most cases, a tax review takes a week or two to complete. If you qualify for a refund, you can expect to receive your money from the CRA within four to twelve weeks depending on the type of refund.
Our Refund Review is free. We only charge you after you receive your unclaimed benefits.
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