Is there a fee for your service?

Absolutely. We are a business that requires tax professionals, customer support specialists, programmers and much more to effectively maximize the refund owed you. It’s important to understand it takes time and money to review your prior 10-years tax returns. We take the risk of doing the 10-year tax review at no cost to you. After […]

Do you find multiple refunds?

Once you are a client we will continue to search for new refund opportunities each new tax year. Many of our clients have received multiple refunds after receiving their first refund.

Who is entitled to a refund?

The majority of our clients have unclaimed benefits available to them. Typically refunds are larger for married couples with kids who have been working and filing their tax returns for the last 10 years

How do I get started?

We made it simple for you to get started. After you sign up you will get access to your Personal Page which will provide you with any updates to your file.