Family Tax Recovery Services

Unclaimed Tax Refunds are waiting for your family and friends.

Our Tax Review Specialists use special training and customized tax software to uncover all available unclaimed benefits that apply to your family and friends. Earn 5 dollars for every referral that you refer that is approved for a tax review.

How it works:
  • Using the link provided refer your friends and family
  • Track your referrals online using the login we email you
  • Always remember your referrals get paid before we get paid
  • Earn 5 dollars for every referral that you refer that is approved for a tax review.

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How does Family Tax Recovery Services optimize your refund?

By law, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows you to adjust your taxes for the last 10 years. Accountants typically review only the current and prior years tax returns. But we look much deeper into the past – a full 10 years – and with perfect hindsight vision we seek every opportunity within the confines of the Tax Act to benefit you and your family.

"Bulletin Board April 19 Posted on April 19, 2016 Bulletin Board is the Diocese’s bi-weekly e-bulletin for clergy and lay leaders. To subscribe to Bulletin Board, sign up online. Ten-year tax reviews offered Family Tax Recovery Services is offering 10-year tax reviews to identify possible refunds or credits that individuals and families may have missed when […]"

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"Questor Awarded B.E.S.T. Leasing Partner by CDW Canada. An estimated 60 to 70% of Canadian families with combined incomes of $75k+ have an average $5 – 10K of unclaimed money at the CRA.  In other words, the government probably owes you money, but you won’t know unless you do a professional personal income tax review.   By law, the Canada […]"

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