Family Tax Recovery Services

We’ve developed a unique system for analyzing every detail of your tax circumstances over the last 10 years, which enables us to be able to find tax refunds for the majority of our clients.

Most accounting firms will offer to conduct tax reviews for you that can cost thousands of dollars with no guarantee of ever getting a refund. We’ll take the risk of conducting an in-depth review of your tax returns for the last 10 years – and if we don’t find a refund for you, you won’t pay us a thing.

Let us find you the tax refund that is rightfully yours.

Family Tax Recovery Services

Below are answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

Are you in competition with my accountant?

No. Accountants have a good general understanding of the tens of thousands of pages of the Tax Code, similar to a Doctor that is a general practitioner. We are specialists that only work in the complex world of personal tax refunds. We don’t need to contact your accountant for our review purposes but if you prefer, we’ll obtain your accountant’s approval before we submit your adjustments to process your tax refund

Are my tax files secure with you?

The Tax Specialist assigned to your file is the only individual with access to your information and is bound by Canadian Law to keep your information strictly confidential.

Do I have to send you my old tax returns and paperwork?

Generally not. Most of what we need can be provided online by the CRA.

How much of a refund can I expect?

Most of our tax reviews result in a refund from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars.

When will I receive my refund?

In most cases, a tax review takes a week or two to complete. If you qualify for a refund, you can expect to receive your money from the CRA within four to eight weeks.