About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of expert accountants specializing in tax returns, tax filings, and tax reviews. We are not looking to compete with your accountant. Actually, accounting isn’t what we do. We only specialize in performing an in-depth analysis of your prior years tax returns, where we work with the tax code to find missed credits and benefits that have been available to you and you did not take advantage of.

Can’t my accountant do this?

Sure, there are plenty of accounting firms out there that offer tax review services, and they charge expensive fees for the whole process, without any guarantee that you will ever get a refund.

We guarantee you, by starting the refund process for FREE. We only get paid once we are sure you have money to recover and that money has been either sent to your bank account or a CRA credit has been received.

That’s the most important message right there.

Money has been sent to your bank account or a CRA credit has been received. Once you receive your cut, then you pay us our fair share of 33%.

Deal? Awesome!

Stick around for a little bit and learn more about people just like you, who have already received their refunds.

In the meanwhile, enjoy your time browsing our website.

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