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"I recommend the utilization of unclaimed tax refunds through the Ten Year Tax Review offered through Family Tax Recovery Services. The strategy is a well-recognized and established accounting procedure normally available only upon request and at significant cost."

– Jonathan Sears, CPA, CA.

“I must compliment you on your staff who are remarkably knowledgeable and effective.”

“Dear Mr. Samole,
Not only has this service provided further tax savings for my clients, but significantly enhanced the credibility of my services, since their own accountants and financial advisors have not provided this very necessary service."

– Bob Zinner

"Family Tax Recovery Services is offering 10-year tax reviews to identify possible refunds or credits that individuals and families may have missed when filing tax returns, a service that is typically not affordable for low-income families. This review is provided at no cost unless funds are recovered."

– Diocese of Toronto

“I am very pleased with the work of the Family Tax Recovery Services Services.”

"I am very pleased with the work of the Family Tax Recovery Services Services. I have an accounting background and I always do my own taxes, so I was skeptical as to whether they would be able to find any savings. Much to my pleasant surprise I received a refund based on some Tax Credits that I missed."

– Harold Goldberg

“They are a professional organization that made the review process simple.”

"I am pleased to recommend Family Tax Recovery Services Services. They are a professional organization that made the review process simple. I received a refund within weeks and I couldn’t be more pleased. Every family should have a no risk review for refund purposes."

– Daniel Weisberg

“He was really professional and straightforward.”

"Family Tax Recovery Services was a great experience for me. I applied for tax credits thru them and after one day the tax specialist called me. He was really professional and straightforward. He told me that my first refund would be in my account in less than a week and a few more refunds are on the way."

– Ben Dordevic

"I was pleased to find out that it was legit and I did receive a refund through the CRA for a reassessmentt."

– Alysha Tennant

"I tried it a month ago, got my refund two weeks later."

– Trish Croal

"They did my benefit review and found me over $5000, which is awesome."

– Christina Elliott

"Thank you for helping me with my tax recovery fund"

– Harold Paungrat

"You don't pay if you don't get a refund. I got a refund of $1400 back."

– Tamarah Duffey

"Within a week and a half we received over $900 that we didn't know we had.and it was deposited by the CRA"

– Charleen Lowe

"They help people get money back that you're entitled to by reviewing your past tax returns"

– Marie G Boutilier

"A couple of months later I got even another refund and they're still looking at more refunds now."

– Jennifer Boucher

"I got an email a few weeks later saying that I will receive a refund and afterwards I got my refund and I was so excited."

– Garry John Henry Brass

"It was more than I expected and from quite a while back."

– Guy Jacques

"I got a tax refund of over $6000 and it took not even a month to get it"

– Katrina Green

"It was the easiest refund that I've ever gotten"

– Tenielle Devers

"You only have to give a little bit of information and you get the money pretty quick."

– Mary Martin

"This is my third year now and with no regret."

– Cindy Emond

"Their process was easy and I had my refund within a couple of weeks."

– Danielle Leclerc

"I received $1700 plus dollars from Family Tax Recovery"

– Steven Barrette

"They got back to me not too long after saying that I got approved for a refund."

– Jukeepa Akpalialuk

"$1200 dollars I received last year in additional back taxes"

– Loni Michalezki

"Within a few weeks I had the money in my account"

– Ashley Coupal

"They went back ten years over my taxes and found me $600 from 2013"

– Courtney Barrett

"They were able to get me a refund from revenue Canada and it was nice"

– Maxine Roteliuk

"I sent them all my information and then they gave me my money."

– Michelle Marshall

"After they reviewed my file they notified me that I was eligible for $600"

– Devon Helsdon

"I didn't expect they would give me back a refund, which I am so happy and grateful for."

– Savitre Durgaprashad

"A couple of years ago I received a substantial amount of money back"

– Jack Bradley

"They submitted to CRA, they approved and I got a good refund"

– Sabhu Abul Kashem Miah

"They're do not charge you unless you do get a refund back"

– Tessa Miller

"They only get paid if they're able to produce a refund for their clients"

– Shelbey Essensa

"They go in and give you back what CRA over the years has missed"

– Samantha Penney

"I was eligible for a few different refunds that I had no idea that I was supposed to get."

– Whitney Tobin

"Within 2 weeks I got a refund with no issues"

– Brian McFadden

"It's just money that is sitting in the government account rather than sitting in your account."

– Elilthas Balasubramaniam

"They uncovered quite a bit of money for me and I didn't have to pay an upfront fee"

– Aaron Bastien

Kelley Keehn gives Family Tax Recovery a “shout out” on CTV Calgary. Kelley’s the financial authority for CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show as well as a regular guest on Global, CBC and CTV national to name a few.

In-depth Interview with Stan Samole explaining how Family Tax Recovery makes a tangible difference in the lives of Canadian Taxpayers.

Family Tax Recovery made the Welp Magazine 2021 Top Accounting Firms list.

Success Pitchers named Family Tax Recovery one of 2022 most promising companies. Learn more about how Family Tax Recovery gets money back into Canadians pockets.

A Tax Engine Which Features Automation. We estimate $30 billion that belongs to Taxpayers is parked the CRA.

One such leader that has been pivotal in making notable differences to thousands of families is Stan Samole. Stan Samole is the CEO of Family Tax Recovery Inc. and is on a mission to rightfully reclaim the wealth of Canadian Taxpayers.

Think of it as money you wouldn’t have had otherwise, which is always a pleasant surprise.